This course looks that delegating to others and being comfortable, knowing that what you have asked for will be delivered, on time and in the manner required.


Delegation is not just an excellent time management tool; it can be used as a motivator and as an outstanding means of developing the individual and future resources for the organisation.


The key elements are:


Preparing To Delegate

  • Ensuring you know what you expect
  • What does standard look like?
  • What does excellence look like?
  • Does the task have to be done one way or can the individual be asked find their own path?
  • Understanding resource implications
  • Writing up the Terms Of Reference
  • Identifying the best person for the job (not always the most qualified)
  • Clarification of the priority of this task over and under other tasks and duties
  • Anticipating reactions to the task
  • Understanding the amount of oversight required for this task, dependent on the individual’s skills, experience, interest, motivation and commitment to the task


The Delegation Meeting & Discussion

  • Introducing the task
  • Selling it to the particular individual – Balance Of Consequences
  • Talking the task through
  • Techniques for dealing with concerns, anxieties and resistance – APAC™
  • Establishing pre-determined checkpoints
  • Instilling confidence
  • Ensuring the individual really understands what is required
  • Guaranteeing commitment to the undertaking and delivery of the task


The Interim Task Review Meeting

  • Checking for progress
  • Dealing with slips and out of line situations
  • Keeping on track


The Acceptance & Review

  • Using the meeting as an opportunity to congratulate and encourage the heart
  • Coaching for even greater success by reviewing what went well and what could have been differently or even better in the future